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Welcome to Medek

Marketing our own range of products currently covering 5 therapeutic areas including Anti-malarials, Antibiotics, Anti-hypertensives,Anti-Diabetics and Analgesics, we aim to keep our pulse on developments in the Healthcare sector to ensure that our products and services to the African Continent are upto date.

We aim and strive to be foremost in  healthcare provision within the African Continent and the developing world. 

At Medek we continually strive to win the customers' preference and create a a sustainable competitive advantage by staying close to the consumer. We elicit and use feedback from the people we service and those closest to the grassroots utilising their understanding of the markets, resources, their strengths and weaknesses.

Our strategy
Our strategy is to strive for excellence in the following three key areas of our business:

Optimising the performance of our products

Both our Pharmaceutical and Consumer Healthcare businesses focus on ways to improve the return from our intellectual property by maximising sales of our products.

Our activities include:

  • achieving worldwide sales force excellence
  • achieving Pharmaceutical and Consumer Healthcare marketing excellence
  • maintaining the highest ethical standards
  • improving the cost-effectiveness of our operations
  • providing seamless healthcare service

Being the best place for the best people to do their best work

  • We are committed to creating the best place for the best people to do their best work by:
  • recruiting and developing the best people in the industry  utilising local strengths and talents
  • supporting a culture of high reward for high performance
  • ensuring good communication and employee involvement
  • maintaining a diverse and healthy workforce which is multi-cultural

Improving access to medicines and healthcare by finding innovative ways to get the medicines and medical services to areas where they are needed.


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