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Welcome to Medek

Medek is a Pharmaceutical wholesale and healthcare Company set up specifically to contribute positively to the healthcare industry in the Continent of Africa and other developing continents. Our determination to be successful and enduring is being fulfilled by the delivery of  high quality Pharmaceutical products and services through innovation, with integrity and care.

We have a challenging mission to improve the quality of human life thereby enabling people to lead a happier more productive life and in the process facilitate their independence and self-sufficience whilst supporting the management of chronic medical conditions. This mission gives us the purpose to market, supply,develop and distribute innovative medicines and products that help millions of people around the developing world.

We presently market medicines that treat six major disease areas – malaria, cancer, infections, hypertension, obesity / hypercholesterolaemia and pain or inflammatory conditions such as arthiritis. In addition, we are working with reputable Oncology drug manufacturers and are able to supply drugs for the treatment of cancer.

We are constantly working with and supporting local Scientists in the research of viable and new Pharmaceutically relevant materials that would benefit the people.

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