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Welcome to Medek

We offer an extensive range of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare services, some of which include;

  • International Pharmaceutical wholesale

As well as marketing our own brands, we act as agents for other UK and European Companies 

  • Aseptic drug manufacture (Future outline)

 Our outlay for the near future is the development of aseptic manufacturing Units from where the people of Africa would be further better served.

  • Supply of oncology drugs

 Our Oncology service additionally includes the provision of bespoke Chemotherapy drugs (according to the Doctor's prescription)manufactured and packaged in the UK to suit the individual patient. Included in this part of the service are the pre and post treatment drugs.We guarantee the highest quality or would otherwise offer a refund.

  • Medicines Information Service and Training

 We work with and provide comprehensive and world class Pharmaceutical and Healthcare training to Governmental Health Agencies as well as other Corporate Organisations.We use only the best trainers available although some aspects are provided by our in-house team.

  • Patient information leaflet supply Service

 This team within this service concentrate on  providing "patient friendly" Information leaflets for Governments and Corporate bodies.They are also a Think Tank for assisting with designing and filing up the pages of Medical and Pharmaceutical brochures and leaflets 

  • Healthcare Information and Education

Our Healthcare advise and information "One stop" units are being set up to provide accurate, up to date and speedy information to all healthcare professionals.These units work in conjunction with and consult for Governmental Health Agencies.We aim eventually, to provide this service to all major cities in Africa.

  • Supply of Medical appliances 

 We supply and can source (in bulk quantities)an extensive range of Medical appliances and devices like latex gloves, cotton wool,blood pressure monitors,sample containers,medicine measures, oral syringes,scissors,tablet cutters, resealable bags, stethoscopes, disposable speculum and identification bands

  • Pharmaceutical consumables supply

 We supply packaging and containers for holding pharmaceutical products like bottles, bags etc

  • We work with reputable contractors in the USA to supply and fit Hospital Wards and Clinical areas with various medical equipments. Look up our product list on our products link

    We supply and fit Wards, Pharmacy, X-Ray departments, Critical Care Units, Laboratories etc with medical equipments and appliances, from bed Linen to drip stands to X-Ray and scanning machines.
  • We supply Laboratory appliances and equipment like Analyzers, Reagents, Histology & Cytology instruments.
  • We supply X-Ray equipment like Ultrasound scanners,CT scanners

  • Phase IV Clinical Trials

    Having identified the need for quality Phase IV clinical trials within the African patient group, we are now working with multinational Pharmaceutical companies to address this inbalance. 

    A new medicine has to demonstrate its safety, quality and efficacy through a series of rigorous clinical trials in order to obtain a licence (called a marketing authorisation) and be available to the general public.

    A number of studies have demonstrated that patients taking part in clinical trials have better outcomes than equivalent
    patients not involved in a trial. This is because the trial patients are receiving close and ongoing medical care

    A phase IV Clinical trial serves to provide greater information and insight into the drug;
  1. Side effects and safety 
  2. Long term benefits and risks
  3. Clinical effectiveness  
  4. Develop new treatment uses 
  5. How well the drug works when it’s used more widely than in clinical trials  
  6. Compared with other treatments for the condition 

    We hope to soon begin carrying out PHASE III CLINICAL TRIALS.

    For further information, use the contact details provided or email

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