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Elizabeth Adeshina
 Elizabeth earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Finance from Kings College, University of London in 1992. This has provided her with a well diversified creative business background. She began her post college career working for a law firm in London for over a year and in this time devised and implemented a new administrative system for the firm.

Her desire to continue developing her creative and business side gave birth to a music promotion business in 1994 which thrived until 1996 when she sold her share to her business partner after deciding  to pursue a career in Pharmacy. She obtained a second degree in pharmacy from the University of Portsmouth and became a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain in 2001.

Elizabeth worked as pharmacy manager for Superdrug and Hamden Square pharmacies in London from 2001 until 2003 when her drive to pursue her business interests saw her becoming a self employed Community and Hospital Pharmacist. Her experience,expertise  and character meant that she was and is very much sought after within the Pharmacy profession.

Being confident in her management skills and abilities, coupled with a passion for developing business and belief in hardwork, Elizabeth was granted registration for Residential Children’s home in 2004. With commitment, hard work and successful strategies this increased to 2 homes in two years. During this challenging period she also set up a recruitment agency tailored to meet the needs of the care, catering, sales and administrative sectors which she sold after three years. 

A born entrepreneur and astute business woman, she additionally currently works as a self employed contractor to a private hospital as Principal pharmacist where she is responsible for managing and re-engineering the fledging productivity of the pharmacy Department.

She is driven by a deep passion to bring high quality affordable  Pharmaceutical Products and Services to the people of Africa and the developing world contributing meaningfully to their overall wellbeing.

Elizabeth’s over ten years of business experience and understanding of integrated planning and various business models is crucial to the imminent success of Medek Pharmaceuticals.

Her interests and hobbies are extensive but  she particularly enjoys travelling, reading biographies, Gospel music, keep-fit and theatre.

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